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Dank Rares Blockchain Art Podcast

Oct 22, 2018

In this episode we interview New Art Academy Founder Elena Zavelev. The New Art Academy. 

New Art Academy was founded in 2017 with a simple idea in mind: to make education about art and innovative technology available and accessible to professionals around the world.

Today they host regular panel discussions, lectures...

Sep 27, 2018

In this episode I speak with founder Bea Ramos.

DADA is a social network where people from around the world speak to each other through drawings that you can collect on the Ethereum blockchain. Where other social art platforms are designed to share finished results (we never see how the sausage is made), DADA...

Aug 16, 2018

In this episode I talk with Coin Artist, famous for her crypto puzzle painting“TORCHED H34R7S” which contained $50k in Bitcoin and was unlocked after three years of people trying to solve it. Coin Artist is one of the earliest and best known crypto artists and is responsible along with Rob Myers for popularizing the...

Jul 3, 2018

KnownOrigin is part of a new breed of art marketplaces built on the blockchain. With Known Origin, blockchain and "digital scarcity" enable art lovers to collect digital art that is provably rare, opening up new channels for supporting artists and building your collection.

Unlike many other blockchain-based...

Jun 26, 2018

Anne Bracegirdle, Christie’s Associate Vice President of Photographs, is a blockchain enthusiast (and CryptoArt supporter) and has an optimistic view of the blockchain's potential for the photography market.

Along with her colleagues, Anne has put together a summit "Art + Tech" in London this July 17th titled,...